Ministry Support Services

Karen Lunney: Consultant, Speaker, Educator

Ministry Support Services logo

The Minsitry Support Services logo incorporates the Christian Symbol of the Cross and tall the elements are intertwined with this primary element of the logo. The colour green incorporates new life and the scripture quote ” I am the Vine”  (Jn 15:5)

There is a continous flow to and from the cross.

The combination of elements that make the “swirls/ripples” represent both the water of baptism, and the collaboration between Ministry Support Services  and the clients – a two way conversation. At the centre of this symbol is a white circle, representing the light of Christ flowing from the Cross. The lines between the elembes represent both th elight of Crhist flowing outwards and the ripple effect – both of the waters of baptism and the impact of work that Ministry Support Services has within the faith community and beyond.

The arrows continue the ripple effect from the two previous elements – the Light of Christ flowing out through the water of baptism and the knowedge and guidance of Ministry Support Services flowing outward to its clients and beyond. These arrows represent moving forward into the future as a beacon of light for others and knowlege and support being passed on for future generations.

The colour green represents “New Life”  – both the new life that comes with relationship with Christ, and the new life that Ministry Support Services can help breathe into your ministry

The colour blue represents water – the Christian symbol of baptism and the water of life.

Logo designed by Matthew Price of