Ministry Support Services

Karen Lunney: Consultant, Speaker, Educator

Ministry and technology

There are those of us in ministry who love technology, and those who would love to love it, but just can’t quite get there.

Karen Lunney can take the time to work through some of the options of using technology and communications for your ministry.

For example, you know that it would be good to have a Facebook page, but you’re not sure where to begin, or what to actually put on it? You have one for personal things, but don’t want everyone in your ministry circle to see pics of your 2 year old niece? Karen can help you set up a ministry page, invite your ministry peers and potential partners and make a regular commitment to populating it with your information – just keep us in the loop about your ministry.

You’ve thought about blogging, and want to do something simple?  A quick introduction to the free blog can get you going, and brainstorming some of the things you could blog about.

You think that those who tweet are onto a good thing? Karen can help you get going in twitter, link to like minded people and share your 140 words of wisdom.

To clarify – Ministry Support Services is not a web design company, though we can recommend a good one. We’re not into recommending different hardware.  What Ministry Support Services do is to take the free stuff that is out there that people are using, and giving one on one help to those who would like to use it, but are a little nervous about diving in.