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Karen Lunney: Consultant, Speaker, Educator


Karen Lunney is available as a consultant in schools, parishes and for religious institutions and organisations. Her philosophy is one of collaboration, working with those in leadership positions to advise, suggest, modify or re-create ministry opportunities for staff and/or students. Her strengths are in organisation and in networking, particularly within the youth ministry leadership community on a national and international level.
Willing to discuss a myriad of possibilities, her work in the past few years has included:

  • Preparation of staff spirituality day for Loyola College Melbourne Working with REC Chris Lynch, Karen mapped out a plan for the day, contacted and briefed workshop leaders, provided a keynote address and workshop, liaised with other keynote speaker.

  • Preparation and running of CSYMA retreats with Sandhurst students Working with Jane Branigan and a team of teachers and leaders, Karen shaped the format of the senior retreat for students in the “youth ministry” courses across three schools in the diocese. She presented sessions, worked with students and staff, and assisted in evaluation of the retreat.
  • Evaluation of Retreat programs and preparation for CSYMA, Catholic College Wodonga Working with Marilynn Seiter, Karen provided input and suggestions for a re-organisation of a year twelve retreat – creating and presenting a new session for the program. She was also valued as a small group leader with senior retreats for two years.  Working with Rob Horner and Fiona Dyball, the curriculum for Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia (CSYMA) was adapted for use in CCW. As an introduction to the course, Karen worked with Paul Samon to prepare and present a retreat day for students.
  • Broken Bay Institute – Theology advocate Karen Lunney has had a long relationship with BBI, as a student through two Master’s degrees, a lecturer and fellow staff member in Broken Bay. She now regularly represents them at conferences, either at a stall in an expo space encouraging new students to study with BBI, or as an extra pair of hands at BBI conferences to assist presenters with IT and provide support at the information and Registration desks.
  • Australian Catholic Bishops Conference – Youth Ministry Database A four month contract with the ACBC, Karen Lunney led a nationwide consultation to gather, categorise and create a database of over 400 youth ministry resources for the website
  • St Mary’s Press advocate Long time supporters of youth ministry, St Mary’s Press (US based publishers) hired marketing consultant Andrea Syverson to explore the youth ministry landscape in Australia. Karen Lunney used her networking skills and contacts across the nation to make introductions and schedule meetings for Andrea in dioceses, schools, Catholic Education offices and religious orders to share and gather information and resources.

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