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Karen Lunney

Karen Lunney started Ministry Support Services in 2011 in response to the question….

Who am I? Don’t we all ask ourselves the same question at some point?

After leaving full time work to spend my time a mum, I questioned where God was taking me next. I’m a Catholic and I love working in church circles, supporting ministry and helping people make connections in so many ways. I’d been working for the Catholic Church in one way or another since I left school in the early 90’s. So what next….
With a background in teaching, theology and youth ministry, I keep being asked to do all sorts of wonderful little and big jobs so I started Ministry Support Services to give outline more clearly what I can do to support other people’s passions in ministry.
Over the years, I have spent time giving workshops and keynote addresses at staff spirituality days, student retreats, youth ministry festivals and conferences,  written, taught and adapted university courses, led the consultation process and ghost writing team for “Anointed and Sent: An Australian Vision for Catholic Youth Ministry” on behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. And lots of other stuff….
I have over twelve years experience working as a Catholic diocesan youth ministry co-ordinator in three dioceses- Archdiocese of Perth, Diocese of Broken Bay and the Diocese of Sandhurst. Before that I worked as a primary school teacher, and I am registered as a teacher in Victoria.
I collect bits of paper, and my framed ones are a Masters of Divinity, a Master of Arts in Theological Studies, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Diploma of Teaching. On a totally different note, I’m studying a Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education, so I can volunteer on the National Breastfeeding Helpline.
For those who follow such things, I am an ENFP in Myers Briggs, which means I get my energy from working with people, am always looking for possibilities, enjoy the process of consultation and gathering, exploring and sharing ideas.

Looking forward to catching up with you soon…

Karen Lunney