Ministry Support Services

Karen Lunney: Consultant, Speaker, Educator

Ministry Support Services provides education, information, events and support for your ministry activities.

Schools, parishes, dioceses and other Christian institutions or individuals can benefit from Karen Lunney’s background in youth ministry, pastoral theology, education and church as well as her passion for working with people and technology.

At Ministry Support Services, It’s  all about making connections.
Good ministry is about people, and it’s about relationships, and we can’t have relationships unless we connect.
Ministry Support Services is about making connections between:

  • People and God
  • Teachers and spirituality
  • Young people and faith
  • Theory and practice
  • Ideas and planning
  • Planning and execution
  • Evaluation and next steps
  • Ministry and technology
  • Research and implications
  • Passion and education
  • Youth ministry and sustainability
  • People and time out for reflection

Talk to Karen Lunney about how we can best help you with making connections and supporting your ministry.

(c) Ministry Support Services / Karen Lunney 2012

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